Advantages and disadvantages of an international sales team Copy

When it comes to the setup of an international sales team there are both advantages and disadvantages to having a team in one location as opposed to a team in multiple locations.

In my opinion teams in multiple locations trigger more commercial success, but you ultimately have to judge which setup is the best for your business. Please review this table to get a feel for the pros and cons that come with both approaches.

Sales Teams in one locationSales Teams in multiple locations
Advantages• Better team monitoring
• Better chance to create a common working culture
• Easier reporting
• Easier setup for team meetings
• Team is closer to target markets and key stake holders
• Diverse team offers the chance to create unique team culture
• Team depends more on agreed reporting and KPI’s to perform
Disadvantages• Team dynamic can lead to false assumptions
• Possible disconnection to target markets
• National culture overshadows team culture
• Team performance harder to track
• Less face to face contact amongst team member
• Team meetings are harder to organise
• Higher communication discipline is required