About Us

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Founded for Excellence

In today’s world, achieving business success means delivering globally, as well as locally. When it comes to building international relationships, relocating overseas or performing at your best in multiple markets, those who truly understand how to navigate local business systems and cultures have the greatest chance of success.

The International Business University offers specific, market-based courses for doing business internationally. Our tailor-made courses give you the knowledge and insights you need when expanding operations in other countries or relocating overseas, from navigating local business traditions and establishing fruitful relationships, to understanding tax and legal regulations and carrying out smooth business transactions in your target markets.

Our faculty of expert lecturers, who have been carefully selected from the world of academia and business, specialise in a range of key business areas, including sales, marketing, trade shows, market entry strategies, legal systems, tax, import and export and local business etiquette.

All International Business University courses have gone through a strict quality control process, so you can be sure you’re receiving the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date knowledge and insights to support your business activities.

Build your Global Profile

“The world has never been as small as it is today. So, it’s never been as important to be able to build lasting relationships internationally. I founded the International Business University to help people make those all-important connections, so they can grow faster and be more sustainable, as they branch out into new markets.”

Matthias Tesi Baur
Founder, MBB-Consulting Group

MBB-Consulting Group

MBB provides management consultancy services for companies, portfolios and show development in the b2b industry. It specialises in growth strategies, including sales, rebooking, pricing, show content, digital and market-entry techniques, as well as M&A and due diligence. It also offers education and training programmes.

MBB’s unique strength lies in a winning combination of best-in-class consulting and decades of senior operational expertise. Founder Matthias Tesi Baur has hands-on experience of launching and running international exhibition businesses that have grown and outperformed the competition on all levels – from customer satisfaction to profitability – all over the world.